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by Tiny Moving Parts

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JuanCarlos Beltran
JuanCarlos Beltran I really appreciate the new direction this album went. it was different but I really Digg it. it pumps me up. I can't wait to hear more music!
Eloi Mayano-Vinet
Eloi Mayano-Vinet Best Tiny Moving Parts yet! Teenage punk goest math and it's awesome! Favorite track: Headache.
Cam Smith
Cam Smith Each time I listen to this it gets better. Definitely one of favorite albums this year. Favorite track: Headache.
Lychar Coeur De Lion
Mark Woods
Craig Wilson
Ted Moseley
Matt Witte
Andrew Gifford
Glen Charbonneau
Julian Smolka
Rudy Schueder
Charlie Michel
Corey Tokarsky
michael little
daniel macias-bernardo
Jake Poster
Joseph Martin
Tyler Brush
Steven H
Spleen Latifa
chris weiskopf
William Williams
Simon Vergés
Andrew Madaus
Benjamin Lucas
Erica Hilbun
Jake vandergeer
Lyris Antle
Karl Hall
John Kittle
Nathan McMillan
Chris Woods
Kelsey Crozier
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released May 20, 2016 Tiny Moving Parts are: Dylan Mattheisen - guitar vocals Matthew Chevalier - bass vocals William Chevalier - drums
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Joe Maring

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, there's a good chance you've heard a thing or two about MoviePass. Although the company was founded way back in 2011, it's picked up a lot of steam over the past year or so with its too-good-to-be-true offer of allowing you to see one movie per day for just $9.95/month.

MoviePass has become one of the most disruptive companies of recent memory, and whether you're looking for the latest controversies or want to learn more about the service before you sign up, you've come to the right place.

Without further ado, this is everything you need to know about MoviePass!

July 5, 2018 — Peak Pricing is now rolling out to all MoviePass users

After being announced late last month, MoviePass is officially launching its new Peak Pricing system.

Like we mentioned in the last news update, Peak Pricing will add a small surcharge to certain showtimes based on the movie you're seeing and what time it's playing. A red lightning bolt icon next to a showtime indicates that it is affected by Peak Pricing while a grey-colored one notes that Peak Pricing may go into effect for it soon.

If you're checking in for a show with Peak Pricing, you'll see a confirmation screen highlighting the amount you'll be charged.

MoviePass notes that Peak Pricing is "rolling out gradually over the next several weeks."

June 22, 2018 — MoviePass Peak Pricing, Bring-A-Guest, and Premium Showings

Get ready, folks. There's a changing with MoviePass, so let's dive right into the big highlights:

MoviePass says these features will be rolling out to members "in the coming weeks."

Bring-A-Guest: If you're going to the movies with a friend or family member that doesn't have MoviePass, you can purchase their ticket from the MoviePass app. You'll still pay the full ticket price, but it should make the ticket-buying process a bit more seamless. You can pick a seat for you and your guest if you're going to a theater that supports e-ticketing and reserved seating, and if your friend signs up for MoviePass without 24 hours of your showtime, you'll get a full refund for the ticket price.

Peak Pricing: For showtimes where "the combination of demand for a title, date or part of day is higher", you'll need to pay a "small additional fee" for your ticket. You can avoid the added cost by seeing a different movie or seeing that same title on a different day, and MoviePass will give you a Peak Pass once a month that waives the fee for you. If you're billed annually or quarterly, you won't be subject to Peak Pricing until your subscription resets.

Premium Showings: No matter what plan you're on, you'll have the option of seeing RealD 3D, 2D IMAX, 3D, and other Premium Large Format movies by paying an upgrade fee.

Nikki Batgirl
released / 3 years ago
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